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Hello you beautiful people!

Did you know that we just released a brand new fragrance in the last 24 hours!

We are soooo excited to share this intoxicating scent with you all!!

Who has smelt CLOUD perfume??

I'm sure majority of most women HAVE or at least know of this beautiful fragrance...

If you haven't gotten the chance to smell it yet we urge you too!

It is the most wonderful scent I've ever come across!

In fact its our most popular fragrance!

But that's not the new scent we are talking about here....

We just released... how do we say... the 'sister' scent of Cloud.

It is called CLOUD 'PINK'----- and OMG its incredible!

Head to our snap bars or body spritz page on our website to see more about this amazing fragrance!

See you there xoxo Love Leah xxx

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