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Loo's Lux Candles - FAQ

Frequently asked questions, tips and guides to wax melts.

How long do your wax melts last?

If used correctly by following our directions you should get up to 45 hours of burn time from a whole standard 60g snap bar!

  • We recommend only melting wax melts up to 3 hours at a time.

  • Each piece can be melted up to 3 times before scent begins to fade.

  • You should get up to 9 hours of strong scent throw per individual piece.

  • Once scent has completely faded, dispose of in your regular rubbish bin.

what wax warmer should I use?

Our wax melts perform best with tea light wax warmers.

Our wax is quite hard, so it needs a lot of heat to melt the wax.

A lot of electric wax warmers don't heat up that much compared to tea light warmers.

We have tried a few electric warmers over the years with our wax and it doesn't even melt it completely.

We do offer tea light wax warmers on our website at great prices and they come with a free pack of x8 tea light candles!

How long is the shelf life of your wax melts?

Our wax melts will last for years sitting on the shelf.

The scent may slowly fade over time once its been a year or so, as long as it is kept in the resealable plastic it comes in, that bag will hold most of the fragrance in and keep it fresh for at least one year.

Are wax melts safe to use with pets in the home?


Our wax melts are completely safe to use with pets in your home.

Just make sure to store all wax melts out of the way of pets to avoid them accidentally ingesting them.

I use my wax melts almost every day and have for three years and I have four cats in my home. :)

Have more questions that isn't listed here?

Ask us here!
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