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Loo's Lux Candles - FAQ

Frequently asked questions, tips and guides to candles.

Why is my pillar candle fading or turning yellow?

If you have an uncoloured candle, once exposed to direct sunlight (UV light), the candle will change to a yellow shade.

If the candle is coloured say blue it will turn a green shade and so on.

This will only happen to the side of the candle that is facing the UV lighting.

Black candles will eventually fade over time even if you avoided direct sunlight, but trying your best to avoid it will help keep the candle colour at its best for much longer.

Certain fragrances will also cause wax to yellow and discolour, also fragrances with vanilla is the biggest culprit for discolouration.

Other contributing factors to wax colour change can be stray metal contamination ( such as rust or iron ) on the candle wick, candle tab, candle processing equipment or candle stirrers.

Why does my candle have little drops on the surface?

This is called "candle sweating" and it looks like little beads that form on the surface of the candle.

Although candles are designed to be melted, excessive heat and direct sunlight can cause wax to sweat.

This can happen for two different reasons.

One reason is a hot day, if a candle is in a space with a high temperature or it is too close to a heat source like a heater or an appliance that creates heat it will cause the candle to sweat.

This shouldn't effect the fragrance of your candle, as long as it doesn't happen regularly.

Another reason a candle will sweat is the fragrance load is too high, it will seep out of the wax.

Can you make my candle extra strong?

We make our candles as strong as possible!

Wax can only take a specific amount of fragrance oil.

We use 8% - 9% of fragrance oil depending on the fragrance, some fragrances are heavier than others and requires less.

We know how all our fragrances perform, so if someone asks us if we can make their candle stronger, we try to explain these fragrance percentages.

Adding more fragrance wont make a candle stronger.

In fact too much fragrance oil will actually make it weaker as it clogs the wick and will eventually seep out of the wax and make a oily mess.

Also fragrance oils alone are highly flammable so adding excessive amounts is a big fire hazard.

Candle safety is our top priority.

Why is there tiny bubbles in the melted wax when my candle is burning?

This is just something our natural soy wax does when it melts.

It is completely normal and nothing to worry about!

What types of wicks are used in Loo's Lux Candles?

We use 100% lead-free cotton wicks with metal tabs for our container candles, and 100% lead-free cotton for our pillar candles with no tabs.

What do I do with the left over wax from my pillar candle?

If you have a wax warmer and your pillar candle was scented, you can use it in your wax warmer just like a regular wax melt!

It may not be as strong as our standard wax melts.

Otherwise it can be throw into your regular household bin as it is natural wax.

Remember to always place your pillar candle on a glass plate to catch the melting wax.

How do I clean up melted wax from a pillar candle?

If you have followed our recommendations and melted your pillar candle on a glass plate then you will have an easy clean up.

Wait for all the melted wax to completely set on the plate.

With a blunt knife preferably a butter knife- simply get the knife right under the wax and it should easily pop off the plate.

Any remaining wax can be melted away with hot water from your tap or boiled kettle water.

If the wax isn't coming off with a knife or you don't want to scratch your plate try popping it in the freezer for an hour, this should make the wax easily come off, then again get off any excess wax with boiling water.

Wash the plate with hot soapy water and rinse.


Why does it look like there is air between the wax and candle jar?

This is called "glass adhesion", you will only see this if your candle jar is transparent glass.

It may look like there is air or water between the wax and the glass.

This is purely aesthetic, and it's just the wax pulling away from the jar.

It is due to environmental factors and temperature changes during and after creation.

This is unavoidable, it may happen during transit or even after you've your candle for a while.

It happens to even the biggest candle companies.

But the good thing to know is glass adhesion does not affect the burning performance of your candle!

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