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Classic Clear Glass Jar


  • 380g pure soy wax.
  • Double Wick
  • 60 hour burn time.


Introducing our premium candles, presented in a stunning classic glass jar with a matching glass lid, this candle is a statement piece in itself.


Let the warm glow and captivating scents from our candles create an inviting ambiance, ideal for unwinding and embracing moments of tranquility.

Reimagine relaxation with our sophisticated jar candles.


Explore our extensive collection of scents, ranging from trending-perfume inspired fragrances to delightful sweet aromas and many more!

  • Choose from our range of two luxurious wax options: pure soy wax for a natural, clean burn, or our soy/paraffin blend for a stronger scent experience.



💗 Hand poured in Melbourne with the highest quality fragrance oils and soy wax all from Aussie suppliers.


💗 Loo’s lux candles has over 2 years experience in candle making, we can ensure you a beautiful, strong smelling candle with the upmost safety of candle burning in your home.

Clear Glass Jar • 380g • Choose your fragrance!

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$25.20Sale Price


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On the First burn Let your candle melt pool reach the very edge of the jar before blowing out.

Candle wax has a memory, so this will ensure an even burn everytime and will prevent tunneling!

Always trim your wick before every burn.

This will create a clean and even burn everytime, will stop soot or black marks on your candle jar.

Never burn a candle unattended or in the reach of children, pets or anything flammable.

You will receive a candle care card with every candle purchase.

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