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Buttercream Crunch Dessert Candle!


Comes with an extra spoon!

( incase it breaks in transit or you want to replace it after melting! )

The ultimate bakery scent!!

An all time favourite that everyone will love!


Delightfully sweet vanilla frosting with freshly churned butter layered with creamy vanilla bean and a hint of star anise!



Natural soy wax

All hand crafted!



Place our whipped candles on a plate in case of any over flow.

Any over flowed wax can simply be snapped off the jar once dry, throw away or you can even used in a wax warmer!!


Buttercream Crunch Dessert Candle 340g

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$26.60Sale Price


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• Top Notes: Buttermilk, Sweet vanilla frosting, Star Anise

• Middle Notes: Coconut and Heliotrope

• Base Notes: Musk and Creamy Vanilla bean