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If you love snow fairy from lush, then this candle is for you!

Our Snow Fairy dupe is spot on, and loved by so many, we have had so many requests to bring this candle back for the third year in a row for Christmas!


Hand poured with our special soy/paraffin blend for an extra strong scent throw!

We wanted to create this candle PINK, to give it a real ‘ Snow Fairy’ look!

With a sprinkle of candle safe glitter on top!

Snow Fairy 380g

$38.00 Regular Price
$26.60Sale Price


Only 1 left in stock

Our soy/paraffin blend wax is excellent in giving a extra strong scent throw!

Soy wax is the preferred wax these days due to its clean burn benefits.

We still use soy wax in 90% of our candles, but wanted this particular candle to have a extra boost for Christmas!

This wax still has a high percentage of soy with just a touch of paraffin to give that extra strong scent throw.

If you would like a pure soy snow fairy candle feel free to contact us and we can discuss if we can accommodate.

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