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Our first Blog!

Good morning Beauties!

Welcome to our blog, this will hopefully be a weekly occurrence.

We want to keep you updated in what's going on in the " Loo's Lux Candles' world and behind the scenes... ( if you are interested :)... )

We want to get up close and personal with all our beautiful customers so you can get to know us more!

Today is Monday... ahhh the start of the week!

I always start my Mondays feeling pretty motivated and feeling like its a fresh start!

I have goals in my head that I want to achieve, which is usually to get out as many orders as humanly possible... ( packing them that is ).

I absolutely LOVE creating and posting my creations for all of you to see.

Packing the orders is always a bit more challenging for me, I usually spend all day trying to pack orders and as I am doing that, almost every order is missing one or more products.

So I am constantly going back and forth making the missing product.

Time is NEVER on my side! Time seems to go sooo fast when I'm trying to pack orders and before I know it 3:00 rolls around and I have to stop everything I'm doing and go pickup my two children from school!

Once I meet them at their classroom's guess what they want to do?

Not go home and chill like we did when we were growing up....No...

Kids these days like to STAY AT SCHOOL until 4:00 and play on the school playground!

9 times out of 10 I let them, but on the days where I'm crazy busy I have to say no and its a HUGE struggle to get them walking to the car, with a bunch of whinging from my 8 year old and tears from my 6 year old.

Oh its hard to be a kid I think rolling my eyes LOL

Once we get home id love to get back to what I was doing and pack those orders that are sitting there staring at me, waiting to go to the post office.

But my kids need snacks... NOW!

I usually get the air fryer out and make them chicken nuggets or I make them a "picnic" of random items on a plate like fruit with cheese and biscuit's.

Once I've done that I get back to packing for the last hour then race to the post office before they shut at 5:00 OR I order a service from Aus post to pickup the parcels the next morning.

My work always finishes at 5:00pm then its time for me to spend time with my children and cook dinner.

Being a small business owner and a Mum is challenging!

This week I plan to get my packing done in a much quicker time frame as Christmas is coming right around the corner!

I currently have 53 orders that need to be made, packed and sent and I would like to get all of those completed BEFORE Friday...

Think it can be done?

I hope so!

Also it's my son's 9th Birthday on Thursday so cut out a whole day as I will be making that day special for him.

Oh and also, over the weekend i updated my candle care cards, so please take a look over them again when your receive them in your next order!

Even pop them on your fridge so your always caring for your candle the best you can!

Want to read more of this each week?

Leave a comment, I'd love to know :)

Would you rather read one long blog weekly, or a shorter blog every few days?

Anyway have an amazing week and you will hear from me next Monday hopefuly!

Love Leah xx

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